Thursday, September 6, 2018

Manhattan Beach - Serene Beach Town in Southern California

A graduate of Lewis and Clark Law School, Kalley Aman is a shareholder and partner at Buchalter Nemer, P.C. in Los Angeles. Outside of her practice of law, Kalley Aman enjoys running in Manhattan Beach.

A South Los Angeles suburb, Manhattan Beach has just 35,000 residents and offers a quaint environment close to the city. One of the iconic features of this small beach town is the Manhattan Beach Pier, a 928-foot-long structure built in 1920. At the end of the pier sits a large “roundhouse” with an aquarium and coffee shop. While many visitors enjoy walking on the pier, the area below attracts photographers, especially those looking to capture the gorgeous colors of the morning. 

The town itself features a range of high-end stores and banking and real estate firms. Also catering to foodies, Manhattan beach offers restaurants for all tastes, including Fishing with Dynamite, MB Post, and Mama D's Italian Restaurant, which tends to attract comfort-food lovers.